Risk Assessment: circulation, sensation, skin integrity, and footwear

Toenail Trimming with attention to ​shaping for proper regrowth

Toenail Thinning to reduce thickness and/or curvature​

Corn and Callus Reduction​ to reduce pressure points​


Foot Hygiene: no-soak cleansing​ to reduce risk of maceration and infection​; lotion application

​Sterilized Tools​: ultrasonic cleaning and dry heat sterilization; mechanically, chemically, and biologically verified​

ULPA Filter Dust Vacuum: dust-free thinning/reduction
Environmentally Friendly: no toxic chemicals​

Toes in the Sand, Mayflower Beach, Dennis, MA

Client Experience

I take heartfelt pride in the services and special features that I provide through Cape Cod Foot Care, however above all, client experience is really important to me. I want all clients to feel comfortable with the services that we decide upon together. Client and family engagement is encouraged to move towards healthier feet. Prior to performing care, we develop a plan to address your nails and feet. After trimming/thinning, cleansing, and lotion-based foot massage, we review any further issues and make plans for resolving those issues. Together, we can make your foot care experience positive and something that you can look forward to.


Single client sessions are limited to 45 minutes; double client sessions are limited to an hour and a half. Double sessions may be required for clients who have not had care within the last two months. It is common to have foot and nail care every 8 weeks. 



$80 for a single session

For example: one client who does not need extensive nail thinning or corn/callus reduction.


$140 for a double session

For example: two clients in the same household being seen at the same time who do not need extensive nail thinning, or one client who needs extensive nail thinning or corn/callus reduction. 

A travel surcharge may be applied depending on location.

I do not submit insurance claims, but I can provide a receipt upon request for clients seeking their own insurance reimbursement. Claim reimbursement forms should be available on your insurance company's website. My services are described as "routine foot care". If you are seeking insurance reimbursement, please verify that routine foot care by a registered nurse is accepted by your insurance plan.

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