Module 1

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Introduction to Foot and Nail Care

Learning Objective 1: Explain the principles of being a foot care nurse.


Section 1.2: Certification Examinations


Pass the exam(s) and show competence in your nursing knowledge! Module 1 will explain what to expect in Modules 2-8, which are based on the examination content as determined by the certification boards. Please review the Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Certification Board Examination Handbook for the Certified Foot Care Nurse (CFCN) as well as the American Foot Care Nurses Association Examination Content for the Certified Foot Care Specialist (CFCS). Take additional time to review the websites. Below is a comparison of CFCN vs CFCS. Content between the two certification boards vary in focus. WOCNCB focuses on wounds and AFCNA focuses on foot and nail pathology, but each contributes to required knowledge for foot care nursing. Reviewing the content is important even if you are not planning to take the certification exam(s). This course promotes continued lifelong learning by further expanding upon the basic foot and nail care content for pre-certification. This course is aimed for those who have a passion for foot and nail care and wish to proceed from novice to expert.


Rationale: Certification Boards have teams of professionals who determine what knowledge and skills are required for safe and competent care. Meeting their criteria, knowledge, and skill requirements assists in professional competency and practice.

Foot Care Certification Eligibility Requirements:


CFCS - Certified Foot Care Specialist

25 contact hours related to foot care

20 hours of direct Hands-on foot care with a qualified Proctor

Contact hours and training must be within the prior 2 years

Current Nursing or Physical Therapy licensure verification, 



Recertification is required every 5 years


CFCN - Certified Foot Care Nurse

24 contact hours specific to foot care

40 clinical hours under the direct supervision of an expert in foot care

Contact hours and training must be within the prior 5 years

Have a current RN License


Hold a Bachelor’s Degree (or higher)

Recertification is required every 5 years

Activity: Now that you've looked up your state requirements and explored the difference in exams, which one works best for you? What is your opinion about certification? Which certifications (e.g. CFCN or CFCS) are you hoping to achieve? Which certifications are you eligible to pursue?


Rationale: Most states do not declare the specifics of what a nurse can or cannot do, but will in cases where it puts the public in danger. The purpose of a state's board of nursing is to protect the public. It is our job as nurses to protect the public as well. Certification Boards have the expertise to determine what concepts nurses should know or be skilled in to be considered competent. Regardless of certification requirements, nurses must have education and training. Certification is verification that you are compliant with state regulations and value your clients' well-being.

Foot Care Certification Exams:


CFCN - Certified Foot Care Nurse

Exam is taken at a testing site

110 scored questions, plus 10 non-scored pretest questions

Exam scores are scaled

2 hour time limit

Exam fee $395

First exam retake fee $100

Fee discounts for VA/DoD Nurses, US Military Veterans, IHS Nurses

CFCS - Certified Foot Care Specialist

Exam is offered online

100 scored questions

Exam passing score is 70%

2 hour time limit

Exam fee $250

First exam retake has no additional fee

Fee discounts for CFCN to CFCS, Renewal of Certification, FCBN, NOVA

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